5th Taiwan-Japan Academic Research Organization-

5th Taiwan-Japan Academic Research Organization Workshop イベント概要

5th Taiwan-Japan Academic Research Organization Workshop
一般社団法人ARO協議会、TSPA(Taiwan)  ■共催 国立がん研究センター中央病院
東北大学 星陵オーディトリアム/艮陵会館
(星陵オーディトリアム)仙台市青葉区星陵町 2-1 東北大学医学部内/(艮陵会館)宮城県仙台市青葉区広瀬町3-34
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8:30 am ‐ Opening Remarks ‐

(JP) Norihiro Sato(佐藤典宏), Hokkaido University

(TW) Pan-Chyr Yang (楊泮池), National Taiwan University

8:40 am ‐ Session 1: Biobank and Big Data ‐

Chair:(JP) Atsushi Ohtsu (大津敦), National Cancer Center Hospital East

   (TW)Yi-Hsin Connie Yang (楊奕馨), National Health Research Institutes

■Genome-omics analyses in Tohoku Medical Megabank project toward the realization of personalized medicine

   Kengo Kinoshita (木下賢吾), Tohoku University

■Digital Medicine and Precision Health Management

   Ueng-Cheng Yang (楊永正), National Yang-Ming University


Chair:(JP) Kengo Kinoshita (木下賢吾), Tohoku University

   (TW)Yi-Hsin Connie Yang (楊奕馨), National Health Research Institutes

■A Nation-Wide Genome Screening Platform for New Agent Developments (SCRUM-Japan)

   Atsushi Ohtsu (大津敦), National Cancer Center Hospital East

■Big Data Analysis for Cancer and Rare Disease

   Shih-Feng Tsai (蔡世峯), National Health Research Institutes


■Kobe Project for the Exploitation of Newer Strategies to Reduce Social Burden of Dementia

   Yoji Nagai(永井洋士), Kobe University

■An AI Perspective on Individualized Cancer Risk

   Yu-Chuan Jack Li (李友專), Taipei Medical University


10:40 am ‐ Break ‐

11:00 am ‐ Session 2: Big data ‐

Chair:(JP) Yoji Nagai(永井洋士), Kobe University

   (TW)Ueng-Cheng Yang (楊永正), National Yang-Ming University

■Risk factors of dementia in subjects with cerebral vascular disease based on big data

   Bin Zhou(周玢), TRI

■A Stroke Data Repository to Facilitate Big Data Research: A Taiwan and NIH Collaborative Experience

   Yang C. Fann (范揚政), National Institutes of Health


■Beyond Multicenter Trial Results: Application of Big Health Databases to Establish Real-world Evidence

   Chung Y. Hsu (許重義), China Medical University

■Impacts of space and global environmental factors on human health

   Tsutomu Nishimura(西村勉), Kyoto University


12:20 pm ‐ Lunch Break ‐

13:30 pm ‐ Session 3: Special Session for Cancer Translational Research ‐

Chair:(JP) Norihiro Sato(佐藤典宏), Hokkaido University

■Oncolytic virus therapy in Patients with Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer

   Hiroshi Fukuhara (福原浩), Kyorin University

14:00 pm ‐ Session 4: Cancer Translational Research ‐

Chair:(JP) Toshirou Nishida (西田俊朗), Japan national cancer center hospital

   (TW)Andrew H.-J. Wang (王惠鈞), Academia Sinica

■International Prospective Observational Cohort Study for Optimal Bowel Resection Extent and Central Radicality for Colon Cancer (T-REX Study)

   Hideki Ueno (上野秀樹), National Defense Medical College

■Long-Term Oncologic Results of Laparoscopic D3 Lymphadenectomy with Complete Mesocolic Excision for Right-Sided Colon Cancer with Clinically Positive Lymph Nodes

   Jin-Tung Liang (梁金銅), National Taiwan University

   Tzu-Chun Chen(陳姿君), National Taiwan University


■AI for Breast Cancer Diagnosis study

   Masahiro Takada (髙田正泰), Kyoto University

■Radiotherapy versus low-dose tamoxifen following breast conserving surgery for low-risk and estrogen receptor-positive ductal carcinoma in situ of breast: an international open-label randomized non-inferiority trial (TBCC and Japan ARO-DCIS trial)

   Sung-Hsin Kuo (郭頌鑫), National Taiwan University


Chair:(JP) Hiroshi Fukuhara (福原浩), Kyorin University

   (TW)Andrew H.-J. Wang (王惠鈞), Academic Sinica

■Rare Cancer Registry and ReGISTry NETwork in Asia

   Toshirou Nishida (西田俊朗), Japan national cancer center hospital

■Testing the Hypothesis of Reducing Cancer Risk with GSK-3 Inhibitor Using Taiwan National Health Insurance Database

   Yi-Hsin Connie Yang (楊奕馨), National Health Research Institutes


16:10 pm ‐ Closing Remarks ‐

(JP) Akira Myoui (名井陽), Osaka University

(TW) Andrew H.-J. Wang (王惠鈞), Academia Sinica